Stone Haven Restrictions

Proof of dwelling insurance is mandatory and must be provided to the Board of Directors. 

Stone Haven does not permit basketball goals, swing sets or trampolines.  No outbuildings are permitted.  Neither homes nor individual rooms may be rented.  No truck trailer, boat, camper, motorcycle, motorbike, motor home, house trailer or trailer of any type and description shall ever be parked, stored or otherwise located on any part of the property.  Only two passenger automobiles in running condition, in a good state of repair and legally tagged are permitted on any driveway overnight.

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Restrictions - July 2, 1984

Restrictions Update - February 4, 1985

Restrictions Update - September 1, 1987

Restrictions Update - December 30, 1987

Restrictions Update - August 29, 1989

Restrictions Update - March 21, 1990

Restrictions Update - July 15, 1998

Restrictions Update - February 26, 2002

Restrictions Update - December 4, 2003